What My Athletes Are Saying

From Danielle, training for the Chicago Marathon:

Training with you gives me an extra level of accountability. I know that you’ll be checking in, and often that’s enough to make sure I don’t miss a workout or a long run. Many days at the beginning of my speed workouts I feel doubt about hitting my marks, but knowing I get to report back to you when I do hit my target speeds keeps me pushing. If it wasn’t for you I don’t know how many times I may have given up with my self-training plans. Having a running coach who invests time into cheering me on, checking in, and reassuring me that I’m capable has been the best tool to helping me reach my goals.

From Lara, training for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

I am so glad I reached out to you for coaching help because after my surgery in January 2017, I felt lost getting back into the swing of things. I needed a plan, and I was hoping you could help me after major abdominal surgery. I am so glad I did because 10 weeks in, I feel stronger and more confident. I wouldn’t be where I am, mileage wise, if it wasn’t for your help.

From Tonya, training for the Columbus Half Marathon

I enjoy training with you. What I like most is that you are very responsive and knowledgeable. It is very helpful to have a running coach and accountability partner. You check in on me before and after my tough workouts and offer that extra push or words of encouragement. I like that I am able to text or message you with very simple or complex questions about my training plan, races or really anything! Working with you ultimately reduces my mental load about running and allows me to run without overthinking everything and helps to make sure that I stay injury-free.

From Sarah, training for the Detroit Free Press Marathon

One of my downfalls in training is not having the confidence to succeed.  I need someone who will push me with love and appropriate optimism and that is what Sara does.  She pushes me out of my comfort zone, but not to a point where I can’t succeed.  She is always there for me to pick up my spirits. She knows and listens to my running history and works with my quirks.

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