What are the Benefits of a Running Coach?

Hiring a running coach can help you get started, jump out of a rut, break out of a plateau, or help you reach your next goal.  In addition to my running experience, I have been trained as a RRCA level 1 certified Running Coach.  Here’s my short list of the benefits:

  • Your coach can help you clarify your goals and ensure that you are setting a proper goal.  If you have a really big running goal, they can work with you over the course of multiple training cycles to get you to your ultimate goal in a safe manner.
  • You get a fully customized training plan that is built around your preferences and tailored to meet your running goals.  I love to bring a creative approach to the training process so that you have different workouts to keep your engagement up.
  • Your coach will give you a road map.  Did you know that there are different phases in each training cycle?  Your coach will progress your workouts from the pre-season base training to the race specific peak weeks.
  • Your coach will provide an extra level of accountability in addition to being a motivator and cheerleader for your training.
  • Your coach will be a sounding board for your questions and can help provide you with additional motivation when you need it.
  • Finally, they will help you finalize your race strategy so that you run your best when you toe the line at your goal race.

Want to learn more?  Schedule a free consult with me so we can talk about your goals and find out if we are a good match for your training.