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2018 Goals – Let’s Get Focused!

Hello there and welcome to 2018!  I can’t believe we’re here at the start of another year.  Reflecting on 2017 and the achievement of many goals, brings me a lot of joy.  I started this blog, became certified as a running coach, and started a new job mid-year.  Things were a bit hectic at times but I wouldn’t trade any of it especially, all of the friendships that have come from this blog.

I actually love New Year’s even though I don’t like the “resolutions” hype.  Being very pragmatic, I would prefer to set goals for the New Year.  Resolutions feel like fads to me.  Everyone is excited about them for a few weeks and then it all dies down.  I read an article last week that only 8% of people that make resolutions stick with them through the end of the year.  Let’s stick through this together this year and make sure that we are both accountable to our goals, k?


Launch a Course.  I’ve been working on a course for the last month.  After re-writing it a few times, I have a solid outline and will continue to work on the content and workbook in the coming weeks.  I haven’t come up with a name for it yet, but it will be focused on increasing productivity and helping you achieve your goals.  I’m pretty excited about this!

Obtain a personal trainer certification.  I feel that strength training is a huge part of running.  At some point this year, I would like to get certified so that I can create and prescribe my own strength training routines as a compliment to my running plans.

Continue blogging with a regular schedule.  This spring will be exciting because my blog will highlight my training for the Glass City Half Marathon.  I already have about 3 months of topics outlined to help you with your spring training regardless of your goal race.  I also have 2 guest bloggers lined up to address topics that you told me you wanted to hear more about!

Running.  This year, I would like to set new PR’s in the 5k, 10k, 10 mile and half marathon distances.  It will be easy for me to set new 10k and 10 mile PR’s because I almost never race those distances.  The 5k and half will require some discipline and serious training.  I also plan to run my 30th half marathon this year.  This will happen in the fall but I haven’t picked out which race that will be yet.

Strength Training and Cross Training.  I know that I really need to work on my core strength.  I am making it a goal for January to do a core workout 3 times per week.  On top of that, I am going to add in strength training/agility training/cross training to supplement my running.  I am not a high mileage runner so quality cross training is key for my success.

Nutrition.  I feel like a broken record here…..still trying to lose 10 pounds lol.  I did sign up for a nutrition course in January so I hope that sheds some light on the subject for me.  But really, I believe this all comes down to the basics.  Eat lots of fruit and veggies, quality proteins and enough carbs to fuel your workouts.  Minimize the junk food, processed food, and alcohol.  Simple but not easy. 

This is also one of the reasons that I have Jess from Dietitian Jess joining my community next week to speak to us on this topic.  I had so many nutrition related questions.  So I reached out to her and asked if she would share some of her brilliance with us! 

Personal goals.  Finally, I will continue with my personal development this year.  I love to read books and listen to audio lessons.  This is one of my favorite habits.  Cleaning and organization also rank high on my list of favorite things.  I am working on cleaning out our house this year.  After 8 years, we have accumulated a lot of stuff.  And just for good measure, I’m also sharing a financial goal.  I would like to pay down as much debt as possible this year.  For us, that means paying off our credit card, Hub’s car, Hub’s undergrad loan, and our grad school loan.  I think that we will only be able to accomplish 3 of the 4 but we shall see!

Join me next Tuesday on the blog.  I’ll be sharing tips to stay on track with your New Year’s Resolutions!   


What are your top goals for this year?

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    January 2, 2018 at 6:49 am

    You have some great goals! I definitely am working on decluttering my house. It’s not too bad, but I some things I never use that really aren’t bringing me joy. 😉

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