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The Almighty To Do Lists

I love making lists.  Let’s be honest, if it doesn’t make it to my list I’m basically going to forget to complete the task.  And yes, I am also one of those people that will add things to my list after I’ve already done them so I can cross them off.  It makes you feel that much more accomplished.

Why I Love Making Lists

There are two main reasons that I love lists.  First, I find that it is therapeutic.  My mind is always racing and coming up with ideas.  From a practical stand point, writing down key items that I need to complete helps to keep me organized and focused.  It’s kind of like a brain dump.  Write it down and then move on.  I can come back and complete the task when I have time.

Speaking from the creative side, I need to capture the ideas that cross my mind before I forget them.  It seems as though my best ideas come to me when I’m working out, driving, or at night when I am reflecting.  Lucky for me, I almost always have my phone on me so I can at least text myself notes.  Then I can update my topic lists when I have the time.

Second it helps to give direction to your small steps that will keep you moving towards the big picture.  Once you write down the items you need to accomplish, you can prioritize your list.  You can decide what makes the most sense to complete now and what can be completed later (or tomorrow).l

Top Three Get It Done Tips

  1. The Top 3 – After I make my list for the day, I like to review it. Then, I will pick my top three non-negotiable things that need to get done for today.  Sometimes, I can be pretty ambitious with the amount of items on my list, I may underestimate how long it will take to complete a task, or the unexpected pops up.  Knowing my top three things for the day makes it easier to focus and it takes the pressure off.  Once you get those three things accomplished, everything else is icing on the cake!
  2. Time Blocking – I find that if I allow it, I can get easily distracted. My two downfalls are watching TV and scrolling through social media.  When I know which tasks I need to complete today, I can set aside specific time intervals dedicated to the task.  No distractions or sitting on the couch until the task is completed!  This is especially helpful when I am working on blog related items.  Instead of sitting in the living room, I will purposely sit in the dining room.
  3. The 15 Minute Game – Do you have a task that you just don’t want to complete? I know that we all have them whether it’s working out, cleaning or keeping up on book keeping.  When you have a task that you seem to be avoiding, set a timer for 15 minutes and get to work!  You can do anything for 15 minutes.  Plus, once you get in to the swing of it, you will usually want to see the task through to completion.   If it is too large of a task and you can only take 15 minutes of it, take 15 minutes each day until it is completed.

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