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December Goals

Well….we are already a week in to the month but I thought, why not?  I need to really take some time this month to focus on myself.  I keep a really busy schedule between work, training, coaching and blogging.  If I am not careful, my life basically turns in to work and sleep.  So, I’m taking this as my chance to help hold myself accountable!

Consistent Workouts

In the month of November, I became terribly inconsistent with my workouts.  Most days, it was just easier to come home and veg on the couch.  But let’s be honest, that isn’t going to help my with any of my goals.  The one positive is that I have been able to keep my speed from the fall.  It seems as though my new autopilot pace is 8:45-9:00.  I’m not complaining about that!

Goal: Workout 5-6 days per week & incorporate strength and core training.

Healthy Eating Habits

I’m not a morning person at all.  I don’t usually eat breakfast (unless you count a snack bar).  This has been setting me up for failure the rest of the day.  I’ll get really hungry and overeat in the afternoon.  I’ve also been slacking on planning out snacks for the day which leads to a cafeteria trip.  They don’t have many healthy options there.  Extra bonus, I should be able to save some money!  Another part of this is cutting down on restaurant and “fast food.”

Goal: Eat breakfast every morning & pack snacks for the day.

Sleeping Well

A few months ago I would work late nights on blogging and business projects.  This meant sometimes not going to bed until 11 or so (which if you know me, this is Earth shattering).  My alarm clock is set for 4:30 am on a regular basis.  Unfortunately this took a huge toll on me mentally and physically.  So now, this means rearranging my schedule and sticking to time blocking which ensures that I can get everything done.  My goal is to shoot for about 7 hours of sleep which means being in bed around 9.

Goal:  Get enough sleep every day to be more effective at work and at home.

Write The Content For My First Course

If you read my post from Tuesday, you already know that I’m working on a new course designed to help people be more productive with their time.  This is a passion of mine.  I’m sure that you have also already noticed, that I’m pretty much not happy unless I’m super busy.  That basically forces me to be really organized and productive.  So if you see me or talk to me, ask me how it’s coming along!  It will help keep me accountable.

 * * * * * * 

This is all setting me up for success for other things on my goals/to do list.  If you’ve been following me for any period of time you probably know that I’ve been struggling to lose 10 pounds for what seems like is a year.  Hopefully working out consistently and being more mindful of my eating will do the trick for me.  Plus, when you eat well and get enough sleep you just feel better in general.  You have more energy and better mental clarity.  Extra sleep never hurts either!

What are your big December goals?


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    December 8, 2017 at 11:37 am

    I limit my fast food intake too, but I do enjoy restaurant meals. Fast food may be convenient, but now if I have it, I feel awful.

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      December 10, 2017 at 10:41 am

      Yes! We don’t usually go to fast food places but we do go to Panera and other fast casual places when we don’t feel like cooking. My only goal with limiting restaurant meals is to limit my calories….lol when I go to a restaurant, I know I’m just going to order what looks good to me!

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