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Athlete Spotlight: Sarah

Hello and welcome to my last post in this series.  I am counting down the days until the launch of my coaching business by introducing you to my current clients and by hosting a raffle.  This Sunday, I will open up coaching for additional clients.

Today, I would like to introduce you to Sarah.  She is such an amazing athlete that I really enjoy working with.  I think that one of her most impressive accomplishments is running the Center of the Nation Marathon series.  6 marathons in 6 days in 6 States.  Amazing, right?  Sarah was referred to me because she is working on speed and would like to run a BQ time.  She is on her way there and will complete about 4 marathons before her BQ attempt (including 2 marathons she is pacing).  She is a warrior on the road that continues to rise to the challenge each and every workout!

Sarah’s Running Story

Before I had my daughter, I taught six aerobics classes a week and lifted weights three times a week.  I had an extremely difficult pregnancy (I was sick for two and a half years total and was on disability).  When she was almost two, I knew I needed to find some activity but committing to teach classes would be difficult.  I am a huge Disney fan.  At a work conference, a friend told me his wife was okay with him doing a second marathon as long as it was Disney. Four of us committed to running the marathon two years later.  I HATED running at first but as soon as I started running outside, I liked it (I still don’t like treadmills).  When I ran my first half a year into training, I knew I would continue doing those.  By mile 10 of the marathon, my friend told me that it wouldn’t be my last and he was right! I love exploring new places and seeing the same places in different seasons and times of day. 

Last summer, I ran six marathons in six states in six days.  I loved the community of the runners I met- a lawyer who will be running his 2000th marathon in December, a recovering addict who has run 300 marathons or ultras in recovery, a man with MS who is determined to run marathons in every state.  There were amazing people who reminded me how lucky we are to have the opportunity to run.  During race, I saw amazing sunrises, rain, heat, and lots of smiles.  Between courses, we went to three national parks, experienced hail and triple rainbows, are buffalo burgers in the rain at a state park, and had a ghost tour in Deadwood City.  It was an amazing trip and I can’t wait to do another series in 2019!

My ultimate goal is to run a marathon in every state.  I am currently at 24 states.  I love running certain marathons, like Pittsburgh, so it will take me awhile with all of the repeats.  I like this goal because it does not depend on speed, just consistency and perseverance.
My current goal is to get into Boston.  It would be really hard emotionally to qualify for Boston but not get in. When I was really little, I lived near Boston and we went to church in downtown at First Lutheran.  They had a pasta dinner for runners.  This was my first introduction to running.  I would love to come full circle and run the streets near there.  Also, running is one of the few sports where most of us would ever have a chance of participating on arguably the most important event of the year in the sport.  

Sarah’s Experience Working with Me

One of my downfalls in training is not having the confidence to succeed.  I need someone who will push me with love and appropriate optimism and that is what Sara does.  She pushes me out of my comfort zone, but not to a point where I can’t succeed.  She is always there for me to pick up my spirits. She knows and listens to my running history and works with my quirks.

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