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Athlete Spotlight: Tonya

Hello and welcome to the third week of my athlete spotlight series.  Just a week and a half left until I officially launch my coaching business!  I’m also hosting a raffle to give away 2 free months of custom one on one coaching. 

Today, I would like to introduce you to Tonya!  Tonya is a wife and mom of 2, a career woman and an athlete.  She has been doing such an amazing job with her training.  Since she is an engineer by trade, she has a very systematic approach to everything and I admire her attention to detail.  The original goal when we met was to focus on improving her half marathon time.  We’re not even at her goal race yet and she has already had 2 PR’s (5k and half marathon).  I would be willing to bet that she gets another PR this weekend at the Great Race 10k.  By the end of her running season, I believe that she will have 4 new PR’s (5k, 10k, Half Marathon and 10 miler).  How cool is that?!

She also celebrated her 32nd birthday with a 32 day run streak that ended on Monday.  If you want to catch up on her adventures, head over to IG @MrsTonya412

Tonya’s Running Story

My first race was the Great Race in September 2014. I was encouraged to run the race by a friend who was training to run 50 5k’s by 50. I thought it was a cool idea, my daughter had just turned one and I could use some physical activity to lose the baby weight. We used to run every Saturday and this was my “girl time” – I looked forward to it every weekend. My longest run prior to the race was 2 miles at a 13:34/mile pace. We would usually start running and after 5 minutes or so, we’d start intervals because we were so deep in conversation. About 2 months before the race, I found out I was pregnant with my second child but I still participated in the race; because I committed to doing it. I thought I was going to die run/walking 3.1 miles; but I made it to the finish line.   After I had my second daughter, I got back to running because a different friend asked me to run the 4-mile leg of her Pittsburgh marathon relay team. Once I started training for the relay, I fell in love with long distance running – I also fell in love with the results – I lost about 25 pounds over the course of 2-3 months (without changing my eating habits much, just running). To date, I’ve lost about 40-45 pounds. Once I completed the marathon relay, I wanted more and caught the “race bug.” Next, I signed up for a 10k, 10-miler and then my first half marathon. 

As with most runners, I want to get faster. My goal is to just continue to improve and become a better runner. For my first half marathon (Norfolk Harbor Half Marathon), my goal was to just finish healthy and happy. For the Football Hall of Fame Half Marathon (HM #2), my goal was to run the entire time. I didn’t accomplish that goal at that time, but I did with my 3rd half marathon in Pittsburgh. My goal for my upcoming races is to beat my previous time and have fun. 

Tonya’s Experience Working With Me

I enjoy training with you. What I like most is that you are very responsive and knowledgeable. It is very helpful to have a running coach and accountability partner. You check in on me before and after my tough workouts and offer that extra push or words of encouragement. I like that I am able to text or message you with very simple or complex questions about my training plan, races or really anything! Working with you ultimately reduces my mental load about running and allows me to run without overthinking everything and helps to make sure that I stay injury-free.


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