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Athlete Spotlight: Lara

Hello and welcome to the second week of my athlete spotlights.  If you are new here, I’m counting down the weeks until the launch of my coaching business by highlighting the amazing work that my current athletes have been doing.  Also, I’m kicking off my giveaway tomorrow.  Be sure to check my facebook page for more details on Friday!

Today, I would like to introduce you to Lara.  I am amazed by Lara’s strength.  She is a true overcomer, a great athlete and a passionate advocate.  Lara was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 30.  She is currently training for her second full marathon.  Her training for this cycle started after a surgery that she had earlier this year.  I am honored to have met Lara and even more inspired working with her as her coach. I don’t want to steal her thunder so I will let her share her story!

Lara’s Running Story

I started running in summer 2013, about eight months after my reconstruction surgery in October 2012. I had just gone through chemo, radiation, five surgeries (lumpectomy, mastectomy, thyroidectomy, laproscopic surgery to drain a cyst and then that reconstruction), and I had lost any muscle mass I had before I got sick. I walked up a flight of stairs to my second floor, and I was straight up winded. I thought, “Nope, I’m 33 and I feel like 66. This is bullshit.” After spending some time in the gym on a treadmill, I had two friends encourage me to sign up for a couch to 5K program and the rest was history. 🙂

I have two concurrent running goals at the moment. I want to finish and complete the Indianapolis full marathon under 5 hours. I completed my first full in October 2016 in Columbus, and my time was 5 hours and 55 seconds. I want to see a sub 5. 

The second goal is to complete a 30 mile race in honor of my mother, who died in October 1987, of metastatic breast cancer. I want to run a mile for every year she has been gone (and coincidentally, 30 was the age I was when I was diagnosed).  I plan on raising money for Metavivor as I complete training for Indy and the 30 miler.

Lara’s Training Experience Working with Me

I am so glad I reached out to you for coaching help because after my surgery in January 2017, I felt lost getting back into the swing of things. I needed a plan, and I was hoping you could help me after major abdominal surgery. I am so glad I did because 10 weeks in, I feel stronger and more confident. I wouldn’t be where I am, mileage wise, if it wasn’t for your help. 


If you would like to support Lara’s fundraising efforts for Metavivor in honor of her Mother, you can visit this site.






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