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Review: CycleBar Robinson

Cycle Bar Robinson

There is a new cycle club coming to town!  I was contacted to come in for a pre-launch tour and a free class at the new Cycle Bar Robinson location.  I have to say that it was amazing!  Their official opening day is August 3rd but read to the end to see how you can get a sneak peak too!

Before your first visit, you will set up an account online.  This account will be used to book classes.  They will ask you for information including your weight and shoe size (more on this later).  You’ll also have the option to enter a screen name that can be used during the class. 

When you arrive, you will check in electronically and then find the shelf with your bike number.  This is where you will pick up your cycling shoes.  Next, it’s off to the community room to change shoes, grab a water bottle and get ready for the class.  They provide spacious lockers so your belonging will be secure.  If you brought your own bottle, you can top it off before heading in to class at their filling station (with chilled and room temperature water).

After the room is set up, they will open the doors so you can go in and get comfortable on the bike.  If this is your first time taking a class (or taking a class there) they are very helpful with explaining how to set up your bike.  Even though I’ve been taking spin classes for over a year, I had no idea how to make sure the bike was set up properly before you get on it.  Once you are all set up, you’ll clip your shoes in and you are ready to go!   There is a screen on the front of the bike that will show you your stats like RPM’s, watts, resistance level, time, and distance.

The class room has stadium style rows that ensure everyone can see the instructor in the front of the room.  In the front of the room, you will notice two large screens that will have music videos on them as you come in.  During the class, this can be switched to show the rider’s data.  In our class, we had a few sprint races.  I found this to be a fun way to challenge yourself during the class. 

As you go through the workout, the instructor will tell you to set the bike on different resistance settings and move through the different bike positions.  You may also notice that there are two bars attached to the front of your bike when you sit down.  This is used for an upper body strength workout in the middle of your ride.  I completely over-estimated my upper body strength and went with the 6 pound bar.  I had to back off to the 4 pound bar to make it through the circuit.

At the end of the ride, you will notice the stats go back up on the screen for overall ride information.  The instructor will lead you through a quick stretching routine before heading back to the community room.  As you are leaving the classroom, you are handed a very refreshing cool towel.   After changing back in to your shoes, you can drop the cycle shoes and towels off in the bins before you leave.

Shortly after the workout ends, you will get an email that includes your workout stats, calories burned (remember when you put your weight in your profile online), class ranking, and a link to the playlist from your class.  I love the fact that they give you the playlist!  Fun fact: they never use the same playlist twice.  I think this is a great way to find new music for your other workout playlists.

I have to say, I am in love.  The staff are so friendly and helpful.  The instructor was amazing and encouraging.  The best part is that every detail is already thought of before you even come in.  Your shoes are ready, towels are placed on the bike, water is available, and your belongings are secure.  Not to mention, they have really cute workout gear for sale in their store front!

If you have time to check them out, they are giving away free rides from August 3rd until August 13th as they launch for the grand opening.  You won’t be disappointed!

What a tough workout! I came in 4th in the class and you can tell how hard I worked! My face is about as red as the wall behind me.

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