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Summer 2018: Base Training Week 8

What I learned this week?  The humidity really is awful this summer.  Don’t we all know this?  It’s been kind of fun commiserating with the other runners that are also dealing with this.  At least we know we are not alone, right?  I’m coming at you with another “You know what’s weird” today.

You know what’s weird…In humid weather (60-90%), the sweat on our skin cannot evaporate which is why you may feel hot and miserable on your runs.  On my Saturday morning run we couldn’t even escape the humidity early in the morning.  It was 90% humidity and we felt like we were swimming on land.  This would have been an ideal day to take it inside for a workout instead of gutting it out on the road.


Planned: Rest Day » Actual: 3 miles + abs

I went to the gym on the way home today to be sure that I got my workout in.  Since I did lower body strength training yesterday, I opted for some ab work today.  When I got home, it was down to business.  Catching up on blog recaps for the week!


Planned: Track Work Tuesday » Actual: 30 minutes on the elliptical + lower body strength

It was hot, humid, and miserable out so I scrapped the track Tuesday workout.  Hubs joined me at the gym instead.  It was nice having him as a gym buddy again.  He did a full body strength workout while I just stuck to lower body strength again.  I need to work on my upper body though.  I have no arm/shoulder strength!


Planned: Cross training and strength training » Actual: Rest

Tonight, we took the night off for a date night with some of our running friends.  We met up downtown for drinks at Social House followed by pizza at Proper Brick Over and Tap House.  The pizza was ah-mazing!  Shaved asparagus, prosciutto, marscapone and parmesan.  After dinner, we went across the street to the Benedum to see Newsies.  It was a great show and a fun way to mix things up in the middle of the week.


Planned: 4 miles » Actual: 7 mile bike ride

I was planning on running with a friend after work but once again, the humidity was really high.  We opted for a bike ride instead.  Pittsburgh has this cool bike rental program where bike stations are set up around the city.  Once you set up your account, you pick a bike and off you go.  Since there are multiple locations, you can ride from one area to another and park the bike while you do other activities.  It’s a great way to encourage people to be more active in the city.  I need to start doing this more often!


Planned: Rest » Actual: Rest

It was a boring Friday night for me.  I crashed when I came home from work.  I managed to get up when hubs got home from work so that we could go out to dinner.  When we got back, I started to prep for my Thursday blog post on the goal setting series before going to bed.  If you haven’t had the chance to read through the posts, here is the link to the first in the series – how to write a goal you can stick to.


Planned: 8-10 miles » Actual: 5 miles, 45 minutes step, 45 minutes strength, 20 minutes elliptical

We got up early to head out for our miles.  As I talked about it was 90% humidity when we left.  2 miles in we had talked ourselves down to 6 miles.  By the time we made it to 4 miles we decided to just go for 5 miles.  I wasn’t happy with that mileage for the day so I decided to go to the gym.  I was excited to see that they had a morning step class so I joined in.  It was hard to get the moves down to begin with but it was such a good workout!  I love step aerobics even though it feels like an 80’s thing.  I wasn’t as impressed with the strength class.  I think that I will just continue to do my own thing.

This afternoon hubs’ parents came in and we all went out with my family to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday.  It was a nice night out having everyone together.


Planned: Cross Training and Strength Training » Actual: 2 miles

This morning we got up early to go to church.  Afterwards, we did some food shopping and then hosted hubby’s family for lunch.  I snuck out for a quick two mile run between lunch and the rest of our day.

Since I knew that we wouldn’t really have time to meal prep like we usually do, I picked quick and easy recipes for this week.  Smoothies for breakfast, grab and go items for snacks and a fun little wrap for lunch.  I prepped out my smoothies today by cutting up the fruit and portioning it out into single serving bags.  Then, I just have to add the dry ingredients and almond milk.  Viola!

Weekly Recipe Inspirations:

Breakfast: I have found that I am loving the smoothie for breakfast.  This week I am going to switch it up with an anti-inflammatory protein smoothie.  Pineapple Ginger Tumeric Protein Breakfast Smoothie

Lunch: I stumbled across this recipe on pinterest and it sounds amazing!  Granola Crunch Apple-Pecan Peanut Butter Wrap

Dinner: Peanut Udon Noodles with Snow Peas

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