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13 In Weekly Wrap - Training Recaps

GCM Training: Week 4

Training Word of the Week: Balance

Welcome to the start of week 4!  Now we are starting to get in to more challenging workouts and longer long runs.  This is where training balance starts to become very important.  My rule of thumb (unless you are a very serious marathon runner or an ultra runner) is to follow every hard work out with an easy day or a rest day.  Getting this balance right allows your body the time to repair itself and make the appropriate adaptations to your training load while preventing excessive fatigue and burn out. 

I think that finding balance in training is really an art and a discipline.  You need to push the envelope just enough to get the body prepared for the race day goals without going over the edge in to burnout.  As an athlete this takes a great deal of discipline.  It’s running hard when you need to without giving up but also honoring the easy days with easy paces or cross training.  Sometimes, it is hard to hold back.  Once you learn to trust that balance you will see the improvements and the benefits.  Then, you will be hooked on the easy recovery day!

Week In Review:

M- Rest

T- 10 mins w/u, 7 x 400m repeats @7:30, 5 mins c/d



F-30 mins spin

Sa-9 miles @ 9:30

Su- 30 mins spin, strength circuit, 3 miles


Catching Up

On Monday, I took an inadvertent rest day because I had a weird dizzy spell.  Couldn’t figure out what caused it but I spent most of the night sleeping it off and diffusing ginger and lemon essential oils.  I wish that I would have started diffusing them earlier – it really did the trick once I started smelling that combination.  I took Wednesday as an extra rest day because hubs was working from home and missed my Thursday run because I was wiped out after work.  Not my greatest week of training but I feel that my Saturday run made up for my week of riding the struggle bus.

Saturday I paced the 9:30 group run.  I’m still a little nervous about keeping pace (I know….I’m not sure why) so I asked a friend to unofficially co-pace with me to keep me on track.  We had a great group…everyone was chatting the whole time which makes the miles fly by.  I was really impressed with our turnout because it seems as though half of the city was flooded.  In fact, the street in front of the marathon office and part of the parking lot was swallowed up by the river.  I’m sure that our nice turnout was in part due to the fundraiser breakfast post run.   One of our local runners (who is a caterer) came to cook stuffed French toast and breakfast potatoes for donations to the Cystic Fibrosis Marathon Team.  It was the most delightful breakfast!  I’m going to need to make this at home some time.

On Sunday, I did my cross training workout as planned and then went to meet up with my friend and fellow blogger to get a few easy miles in.  She is recovering from an injury that has sidelined her 2nd attempt at running a marathon.  PS – she is performing therapy exercises and has been cleared to run…..I’m not being a bad influence!  It sucks being side lined with an injury but this is when the running community does what it does best – providing support and encouragement.  Other than that, I’m doing my Sunday usual: blogging, meal prepping, and getting ready for the week.  We’re cleaning out our cupboards and I found a fun recipe with lentils that we are going to make today – Mexican bowls.

Frugal February check in:  We are still going strong (for the most part) with frugal February.  I’m actually enjoying cooking more meals at home as this has helped me maintain my weight loss.  Aside from my little amazon splurge and some running gear I bought, we haven’t bought anything that we don’t need.  I’ve been able to set aside another $200 from our mindful spending habits.

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Sharing the Love

This week, I’m linking up with Steff of RunSteffRun and Trish and Wendy with the Weekly Wrap!

How did your week of training go?

Do you have a favorite clean out the cupboards recipe?

Are you getting a heat wave this week?  We’re going to have temps in the 60’s!